Restrictions during the changeover period

No new acquisitions until the middle of August.

What is new since 1 August? Which rules apply?

Search and borrowing:

  • The new central search interface KatalogPlus with improved listing of online articles replaces ULB catalogue and disco.
  • Printed receipts will no longer be issued upon borrowing and returning items. These will be sent exclusively by email.

Library card:

  • Your library card can additionally be used at other libraries of Münster University for borrowing.
  • The issuance/activation of new library cards will temporarily only take place in the ULB Central Library at Krummer Timpen 3. We will inform you as soon as this is possible again in the Medical Branch Library and the Social Sciences Branch Library.

Library account:

  • For the login, only one central identifcation is required (for students and staff of Münster University the WWU user ID, otherwise a separate login ID of the ULB).
  • Your library account offers new, additional features, such as the ability to view your loan history.
  • You can renew your borrowed media at any time and as often as you like up to a maximum period of 6 months (academic staff of Münster University: 12 months).
    Exception: If a medium has been requested by a third party, a further extension is not possible.
  • As a researcher at Münster University, you would like to instruct one or more student assistants or members of staff to borrow books from the ULB for you? Then you can request to transfer the loan authorization for your library account to this/these person(s). Fill out this form for each person and send it to the lending desk of the Central Library. A prerequisite for the transfer of the loan authorisation is that the authorised person has their own library account. The authorized person can then borrow media on your library account (with their own library card) and also place interlibrary loan requests for you, but unfortunately cannot order media from the ULB holdings for you.
  • In BibliothekskontoPlus you will find some additional functions to your library account (in particular the possibility to block your library card online), which we cannot offer you directly in KatalogPlus.
  • The "Remember the book" service (personal RSS feed for loan period reminders) is no longer available.