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Interlibrary loan and document delivery

Interlibrary loan

You can order books and articles via the interlibrary loan which are not recorded in any library in Münster. Before doing so, please search the catalogues of the ULB Münster first and, where appropriate, of other Münster-based libraries (Diocesan Library, Public Library, LWL libraries).
Catalogues University of Münster / Münster / (inter)national

Prerequisite: You require a library card of the ULB Münster
Delivery time: usually 1 – 3 weeks
Costs: 1.50 EUR + if necessary 0.70 EUR postage for notification
Detailed information
Video tutorial on the interlibrary loan [de]
Interlibrary loan order

Ordering an article from an 'Elsevier' journal [de]
refund (for students and academic staff)

Document delivery

Document deliveries are more expensive than the interlibrary loan but particularly fast. As a customer, you can make direct use of the document deliveries mentioned here. The ULB Münster is not involved. Thereby, you can also order literature that is available in Münster (but, for example, is lent).
Information on document deliveries [de]