Service restrictions during the corona crisis

As other libraries are also affected by closures and reduced services, the delivery might take longer than usual, and it could be that some orders cannot be fulfilled.
Interlibrary loan copies must be collected from the ULB. An exception by the collecting society VG Wort, which made electronic transmission possible, expired at the end of July 2021.

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Where appropriate, please check the catalogues of the Diocesan Library, the Public Library, and the LWL before ordering, since collections that are available in these libraries cannot be ordered by interlibrary loan.

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Currently: Ordering articles from 'Elsevier' journals [de]

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Video tutorial regarding the interlibrary loan [de]


1.50 EUR (debit of your user account, regardless of the success of your order)
0.80 EUR postage (are not applicable in case of an email notification)
The costs for official orders are invoiced centrally.

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