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Locating the book

Graph: branch libraries

Where are the books for my subject area?

You always first determine the location of the desired book or journal via the ULB catalogue or the search portal disco. Catalogues

The ULB Central Library with its three branch libraries houses approximately 3 million items at various locations.

More than 100 departmental and institute libraries of the University of Münster, spread throughout the city, hold a further 3 million items.

Location determined – how to proceed then?

Your further procedure depends on the location information obtained from the catalogue (stacks, closed stacks, textbook collection, reading room, newspaper archive, Medical Branch Library, Institute for..., etc.).

The status field also indicates whether the book can be borrowed directly from the ULB and the branch libraries, can be ordered from the closed stacks or has already been borrowed.

As a rule, you cannot borrow books from the institute's libraries, but can only use them directly in the library. The ULB catalogue provides information on address, opening hours and terms of use.

Mini plan stacks basement -01

Central Library: Open stacks

Stairs in the foyer will take you down to the open stacks in the basement (-01 and -02).

The following shelfmark groups are located on Level -01:
3C, 3D, 3E, 3F, 3H, 3K, 3L.

Mini plan stacks basement -02

The following shelfmark groups are located on Level -02:
3G, 3W, 59, Z (Okt), ZB, ZD.

Once you have determined the location and shelfmark of the selected book in the ULB catalogue, you can retrieve it from the shelf yourself. At the issue desk in the foyer, you will be given a receipt showing the due date for return. If journal volumes are not available for loan (labelled as "nicht ausleihbar"), you may photocopy articles. Photocopiers are available in the open stacks as well. Alternatively, a short term loan of one week would be possible – for reading room use only.
Stacks and the issue desk are open up to 30 minutes before the library closes.

Central Library: Closed stacks

Parts of the holdings are shelved in closed stacks, not open to the public. The item status given in the catalogue entry is „bestellbar“ (= available on request). Generally, these items will be available four hours after ordering and can be picked up in the self-collection area (ground floor) or at the reading room desk (level +01). The procurement of items from off-site stacks may take up to two days (Mon – Fri).

Requesting items: Select the function „Bestellung/Vormerkung“ (= order/reservation) in the detailed display of the catalogue and click on „bestellen/vormerken“ again. Enter your login information for the user account. The pick-up time and location will be displayed at the end of the order process.

If the order cannot be placed via the ULB catalogue, please fill in a loan form (available at all service desks). Delivery time: usually after 1 – 2 working days.

The books will be available for collection 7 days from the delivery date. At the reading room desk (level +01) or in the manuscript reading room (level +02), you can access the works ordered during the entire loan period.
Opening times

Textbook collection

Central Library: Textbook collection

The textbook collection is located at the rear of the ground floor, facing the main entrance. Here you will find basic literature and multiple copies of textbooks arranged according to a systematic order.
Find out which textbooks are offered for your subject area [de].

Please retrieve books from the textbook collection and use the self-issue machines located in the textbook collection to check out the books. You will receive a loan receipt with details of the loan period.
Students and scientists from the University of Münster and other universities in Münster can borrow a maximum of 50 volumes at the same time, all other users from Germany and the Netherlands a maximum of 5 volumes. Beyond that, the same borrowing conditions apply as for the other ULB holdings.
Opening hours | Borrowing conditions

Reading room, manuscript reading room, research room

Books, journals, and microform editions in the reading rooms and in the research room are reference holdings and cannot usually be borrowed. To find out more about the possibilities of a short loan (overnight and weekend), please visit the desk in the reading room (level +01). Our copy room is located on the same floor. Scanners are also available in the research room or the DigiLab.
Further information on the reading rooms

Stacked newspapers
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Newspaper archive

In the newspaper archive of the ULB (Zeitungs- und Pressearchiv, shortly called ZUP), located at Bispinghof 24/25, you will find the entire collection of printed newspapers and microform editions for reference use.
You can use the ground floor’s holdings in a reading room offering 20 reading places. Staff members of the ULB will immediately retrieve the requested films or volumes after ordering.
Information on the ZUP


Current issues of various German-language newspapers are displayed in the cafeteria near the reading room foyer (level +01).

Departmental and institute libraries

Departmental and institute libraries are reference libraries only. Please click on the name of the departmental or institute library (section copy information) in the ULB catalogue to display the address, opening hours and borrowing conditions. Borrowing is not possible in most of the departmental and institute libraries.
Information on libraries at the University of Münster [de]