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Legal regulations

Use of the ULB

The following legal and management regulations apply to the use of the University and State Library as well as its services:

  • Terms of use [de]
    Information: The applicable smoking ban for the University and State Library also includes so-called E-cigarettes, since the smoking of these E-cigarettes is likely to disturb legitimate interests of other users as well as to cause damages to the media, equipment and building, particularly an accidental triggering of the fire and smoke detectors (§ 8, Par. 1, Terms of Use of the ULB).
  • Interlibrary loan code [de]
  • Fees regulation [de]
  • Copyright law [de]

State Library Collection Mandate

The Legal Deposit Regulation comprises the legal basis of the mandate of the ULB as State Library for Westphalia to collect all physical and non-physical media publications falling within the collection mandate.