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As a guest, you can use the DigiBib with certain restrictions.

If you have logged in to your account as a registered user of the ULB, you can also access and utilize licensed offers from the University of Münster, place interlibrary loan requests and save your user profile.

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In the DigiBib you will find different offers under one surface:

  • You enter your search query only once and may conduct your search in multiple databases and catalogues.
    The results are presented comfortably in a uniform interface.
  • With every hit (successfully located book or article), you can check where and how it is available: online in the university network, free on the Internet, printed in the ULB or in another library, at an online bookstore ...
  • If you would like to access a book or article that is not found in any library, you can order this title in Münster by virtue of an interlibrary loan, if you are registered as a user of the ULB Münster. If you log in with your ULB user number, you can also save e.g. personal search profiles in the DigiBib.

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