Are you looking for articles, books, or information on a specific topic? Search in the subject specific databases and reference books, which are available free of charge to all members of the University of Münster.

Tips and tricks regarding the use of databases and technical bibliographies (video tutorials).

Use the DigiBib to search in multiple databases at once.

Due to licensing reasons, you can access many subject specific databases from computers only via the domain "" (128.176.*).
About using e-resources

In many subject specific databases and scientific search engines, you will find a button in the hit display leading you to the linking service of the ULB. The linking service guides you directly to the document.
More about the linking service

In the reading room of the ULB, you will find other printed bibliographies and reference works for literature search relating to your subject, usually located at the beginning under "Allgemeines" (General).
Reading room holdings