Kennen Sie schon … die Early English Books Online?

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Ear­ly Eng­lish Books Online (EEBO) fea­tures page images of almost every work print­ed in the British Isles and North Amer­i­ca, as well as works in Eng­lish print­ed else­where from 1470–1700. Over 200 libraries world­wide have con­tributed to EEBO. From the first book print­ed in Eng­lish through to the ages of Spenser, Shake­speare and of the Eng­lish Civ­il War, EEBO’s con­tent draws on author­i­ta­tive and respect­ed short-title cat­a­logues of the peri­od and fea­tures a sub­stan­tial num­ber of text tran­scrip­tions spe­cial­ly cre­at­ed for the prod­uct.

Fol­low­ing its dig­i­tal launch in 1998, Ear­ly Eng­lish Books Online now con­tains page images of vir­tu­al­ly every work print­ed in Eng­land, Ire­land, Scot­land, Wales and British North Amer­i­ca, as well as works in Eng­lish print­ed else­where between 1473 and 1700.

Begin­ning with the very first book pub­lished in Eng­lish, EEBO draws from four author­i­ta­tive bib­li­o­graph­i­cal resources – both Pol­lard & Redgrave’s Short-Title Cat­a­logue (1475–1640) and Wing’s Short-Title Cat­a­logue (1641–1700) in their revised ver­sions, as well as the Thoma­son Tracts (1640–1661) and the Ear­ly Eng­lish Books Tract Sup­ple­ment – to present more than 146,000 titles and over 17 mil­lion scanned pages of con­tent.

Tran­scribed texts – TCP I and TCP II – are now includ­ed on EEBO, adding tran­scrip­tions to approx­i­mate­ly 50% of the texts fea­tured. EEBO also cov­ers texts in more than 30 lan­guages, rang­ing from Algo­nquin to Welsh, and incor­po­rates vari­ant edi­tions and mul­ti­ple copies.

Im WWU-Netz kön­nen Sie auf die lizen­zierte Daten­bank zugreifen.
Es gibt aber auch einen freien Zugang zu den Büch­ern, wie z.B. in diesen Blog-Post erläutert wird.

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