Kennen Sie schon … die Sprichwort-Sammlung „ ‚Never marry a woman with big feet‘ – Women in Proverbs around the world“?

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„Dis­cussing proverbs about what it means to be a man or a woman con­tributes to build­ing bridges across cul­tures. This web­site makes cross-cul­tur­al search­es pos­si­ble and easy.

Proverbs pro­vide us with an intrigu­ing cross-cul­tur­al his­to­ry of human­i­ty, a his­to­ry that has to do with all of us, in its bewil­der­ing views of men and women. Peo­ple tend to believe that cul­tures are main­ly marked by dif­fer­ences, but there are strik­ing glob­al resem­blances in people’s prover­bial think­ing about women as moth­ers and daugh­ters, wid­ows, moth­ers-in-law, and so forth. Are such cross-cul­tur­al sim­i­lar­i­ties in ideas, and even in images, just coin­ci­den­tal?

To answer that ques­tion, Mineke Schip­per col­lect­ed, over the past fif­teen years, proverbs about women (which are no less elo­quent about men). She exam­ined thou­sands of proverbs orig­i­nat­ing from all con­ti­nents, and wrote a book about this top­ic.“

Die Daten­bank „Women in Proverbs around the world“ umfasst über 15.000 Redewen­dun­gen.

Das erwäh­nte Buch von Mineke Schip­per find­en Sie bei uns unter der Sig­natur 3K 83840.
Zudem gibt es in der Bib­lio­thek der LWL-Kom­mis­sion für Mundart- und Namen­forschung West­falens am Schloss­platz auch ihren Band „Eine gute Frau hat keinen Kopf: europäis­che Sprich­wörter über Frauen“.

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