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  • Kennen Sie schon … BNC & BNC2014?

    [18.03.2019, 07:00] „The British National Corpus (BNC) is a 100 million word collection of samples of written and spoken language from a wide range of sources, designed to represent a wide cross-section of British English from the later part of the 20th … Weiterlesen →
  • Workshop-Tagung an der WWU: „Öffentlichkeiten und Debattenkulturen in ihrer wechselseitigen Konstituierung: Geistes- und sozialwissenschaftliche Perspektiven“

    [14.03.2019, 09:48] Seit 2017 findet im Rahmen des smartNETWORK, dem Zusammenschluss der geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlichen Graduiertenschulen der WWU, ein interdisziplinärer Austausch zum Thema „Öffentlichkeiten und Debattenkulturen“ statt. Diese beiden Begriffe – die bewusst im Plural verwendet werden – erscheinen derzeit von besonderer … Weiterlesen →
  • WDR-Zeitzeichen zu Eleanor Roosevelt

    [11.03.2019, 07:00] „Manche sehen in Eleanor Roosevelts lebenslanger Umtriebigkeit den Versuch, frühe Traumata zu überwinden: die Mutter, der die Tochter nicht hübsch genug ist, der trunksüchtige Vater, der kein Familienleben hinbekommt. Beide sterben früh.Der Mann, der sie nach 13 Ehejahren mit der … Weiterlesen →
  • Aus unseren Neuerwerbungen – Anglistik 2019.3

    [04.03.2019, 07:00] Corpus linguistics and sociolinguistics: a study of variation and change in the modal systems of world EnglishesIn Corpus Linguistics and Sociolinguistics, Beke Hansen analyses variation and change in the modal systems of three second-language varieties of English in Asia by … Weiterlesen →
  • Lern- und Lehrort Handschriften-Lesesaal

    [01.03.2019, 11:47] Sie möchten mit Ihren Studierenden an Originalen aus unserem Bestand der historischen Drucke, Nachlässe und Handschriften arbeiten? Der Handschriften-Lesesaal der ULB kann von allen Lehrenden der WWU für Seminare und Lehrveranstaltungen genutzt werden.Er steht Ihnen nach Vereinbarung zu folgenden Zeiten … Weiterlesen →

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Nachrichten aus der Anglistik

  • Feeling Cheesed Off

    [24.02.2019, 13:34] It’s been a big week for cheese. No, there isn’t some kind of international cheese shortage, and no, we haven’t been attacked by rounds of mutant camembert. Instead, the opening of a humble vegan shop in Brixton in South London has pushed the issue of what we actually mean by the word ‘cheese’ into the […]
  • Making Up For Lost Time

    [17.02.2019, 15:35] I ran out of time to write a new Wordability post last week. Basically, I just didn’t organise myself properly. Fortunately, I have had a couple of linguistic pointers recently to help myself prepare a better schedule so that I can continue to publish once a week. Inspiration comes of course from Donald Trump, amid […]
  • Deadline für Abstracts für die Sektionen des Anglistentags 2019

    [04.02.2019, 15:38]
  • Under The Influence

    [03.02.2019, 16:58] In our interconnected world, the ability of individuals to influence the thinking of others on a global scale has probably never been greater. Being retweeted by somebody with a huge number of followers can be an enormous boost, while the ability to spread fake news and therefore influence the views of countless others is a […]
  • The language of love

    [27.01.2019, 11:59] While the creativity of the English language never ceases to entertain me, one thing it doesn’t tend to do is become full of words which are particularly long. Thank goodness then for a brief diversion provided by Welsh, where a new word coined this week has certainly set a pleasing bar for longest new word […]
  • Oxford Dictionaries Hindi Word of the Year 2018 is…

    [26.01.2019, 10:15] The Oxford Dictionaries Hindi Word of the Year is a word or expression that captures the prevailing ethos, mood, or preoccupations of the passing year and is judged to have lasting potential as a term of cultural significance. Our call to Hindi speakers for their suggestions in November 2018 garnered an enormous response, and together […] The post Oxford Dictionaries Hindi Word of the Year 2018 is… appeared first on OxfordWords blog.
  • Trump Gives Us Food For Thought

    [20.01.2019, 11:34] In a week in which an egg has become the most liked post in the history of Instagram, it seems appropriate that a mistaken Donald Trump Tweet about food should have become one the most parodied of the week. With … Continue reading →
  • An Awks Week for All

    [13.01.2019, 13:00] It’s been an awkward week for many people. It started with the Golden Globes, and the meeting of present and possibly future James Bond, Daniel Craig and Idris Elba. The photo of the two of them together, with the single … Continue reading →
  • A New Year’s Resolution

    [06.01.2019, 18:00] A Gap Year is the standard term for a year off. I’d like to claim that the near 12-month hiatus in writing any new entries for Wordability is the result of a life-changing time away in which I have visited … Continue reading →
  • What is the ‘-ling’ in darling? (And what is the ‘dar-’ for that matter?)

    [04.01.2019, 15:16] One media darling in recent popular culture has been actor, heartthrob, and internet meme Ryan Gosling. His fans, no doubt, readily find a connection between darling and Gosling. And the etymologists among them – yes, they have lives too – find another one. It’s -ling. The -ling in darling and Gosling (if we treat the […] The post What is the ‘-ling’ in darling? (And what is the ‘dar-’ for that matter?) appeared first on OxfordWords blog.

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