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For International Students

Welcome to the University of Münster (also called WWU).

The ULB is the Library of Münster University. The ULB Tutor is a tool which offers a wide range of trainings and tutorials to explain the Library's services and resources. The ULB Tutor will help improve your information literacy skills.

This is how ULB can help you learn how to find exactly the information you need, efficiently.

Library Orientation

Explore the University Library (ULB) and take a free self-guided English-language audio tour. By the end of the tour, you will be able to find your way around the Library, you will know how to do the basics such as to find and borrow a book and how to access the internet and ULB's electronic resources.

English-language Audio Tour

Do you need a certification that you have completed the Audio Tour? You can take part in our online test in the Learnweb (only students and other members of the WWU).  If you’ve passed the test, we will email you and you can download your certificate.

Online Test

Leaflets and Guides

  • Forms
  • Fact sheets: Using the ULB
  • Instruction: Copiers & PCs in the ULB
  • Fact sheets: Digital Publishing
  • ULB calendar