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Other persons studying at the University of Münster or pursuing research

regular students, cross-registered students, guest auditors and older learners who have not received their student card yet; WWU PhD students and scholarship holders; visiting professors at WWU; trainee lawyers and student teachers as well as medical and pharmacy students during their year of practical training (provided that they are resident in the administrative region of Münster or provided that the training institutions are located there

In order to carry out its tasks in accordance with § 2–5 Terms of Use, the University and State Library of Münster requires the following information. The data is processed automatically.

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E-Mail addresses

The submission of an email address is mandatory. You can also provide a second email address. We will send information regarding your library account (e.g. available media, upcoming due dates, late returns or unpaid fees) as well as general usage information (e.g. deviating opening hours, service restrictions and special services) to this/these address(es).
Please note: The delivery of emails cannot be guaranteed by the ULB Münster for reasons which are not justifiable (e.g. mailbox unavailable, full or blocked). Therefore, all email notifications are sent without guarantee.





Information on traineeship / practical year

Use of the electronic offers licensed by the ULB

For non-university users, the electronic offers licensed by the ULB (e.g. databases, e-journals, e-books) can only be used at special PC workstations in the ULB premises. For this you need a corresponding access code, the so-called citizen identifier. You will receive this access code for free. Would you like to apply for this access code in addition to the library card?

The library's PC workstations are available exclusively for scientific, teaching and studying purposes. The use is subject to the provisions of the WWU-IT’s and the IV units’ Terms of Use.
Please note that during the coronavirus pandemic, the ULB's PC workstations are not available or only available to a limited extent. You will find information on the current status on our information page on service restrictions during the corona crisis.
Additional offer: The regular workstations of the ULB (without PC equipment) currently have to be reserved online. People outside the university can still reserve free workplaces one hour before the start of a time slot. However, access to the online seat reservation service is only possible with a citizen ID - it makes sense to apply for a citizen ID if you want to take advantage of this additional offer!"

With the citizen identifier you can also use the ULB's seat reservation service.

If you have any comments or questions, please let us know here.

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