How do you get a library card?

Non-members of the university can apply for a library card online or in person.
With the online registration, you can transmit all required personal details and documents electronically to the ULB in just a few steps. We will either send you your library card by post or you can collect it at the registration desk.
You can register in person at the registration desk. As a rule, you will receive your library card immediately here. For the registration, you always need your identity card or passport.

More information about the library card

How do you find the book you are looking for?

To search for a book or journal, you use KatalogPlus. You identify the location and the shelfmark of the desired book or journal.
If the item is located in the ULB Central Library, there are usually two options:

  • You can retrieve it from the open stacks in the basement levels or from the textbook collection on the ground floor.
  • You can request the book from a closed stack.

In the latter case, usually, you will be able to pick up the book 4 hours after the request was placed. The book can be found at either the self-collection area on the ground floor or the manuscript reading room counter on the first floor.
Some items cannot be checked out. You can only work with these books and journals inside the ULB.

You can find more details at Locating the book.

How can you log into the online-research-PCs in the library?

Students and other members of the University of Münster can use their university ID to access the services of the WWU IT.
Non-members of the university cannot apply for this network account. As a non-member you will get a restricted login ID and password together with your library card. With this ID you can only use the marked PC workstations (Linux) in the library.

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