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Digital collections

The ULB Münster is in the process of digitising its historical holdings, with particular emphasis on literature and valuable collections from Germany's Westphalia region. Search portal Kulturgut digital [de]
The ULB Münster also holds so-called “depository copies” of all electronic publications issued in Westphalia. Search portal Westfalica electronica [de]
The ULB Münster is involved in a project for digitisation of historical newspapers in NRW. Portal zeit.punktNRW

Map Netherlands
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Specialized Information Service Benelux

Under the auspices of the Specialized Information Services programme supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG), the ULB Münster hosts the Specialized Information Service FID Benelux / Low Countries Studies.
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In addition to research and reference volumes required by the university, the ULB Münster also collects significant writings and publications from Germany's Westphalia region.
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reading room in the newspaper archive

Newspaper archive

Originally the combined holdings of the university library and the Department of Communication (IfK), the ULB's newspaper archive (ZuP) is today among Germany's largest.
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Digitised manuscript


Following its research and preservation focus, the ULB holds a fascinating collection of medieval and modern manuscripts.
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Personal Papers and Collections

The ULB collections include over 160 sets of personal papers, partial personal papers, and collections dedicated to specific individuals or subjects.
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Historical prints

In its capacity as state library, the ULB is also dedicated to historical collections. It therefore preserves historical libraries and collections and makes their contents accessible to scholars and the public.
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Composer's manuscript

Music collection

The ULB's music collection consists of historical sheet music prints, composer's manuscripts, and the personal papers of musicians and composers.
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World map

Map collection

The ULB holds many 'modern' maps for borrowing and perusal, as well as historical maps (16th–19th century), which can be viewed by appointment only.
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