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European Documentation Centre (EDZ)

The European Documentation Centre (EDZ) of the University of Münster is one of approximately 600 documentation centres worldwide. In cooperation with the European Commission, it is responsible for supporting research and teaching relating to European integration and making the politics of the European Union public to all citizens. Established in 1978, it has been operated by the Social Sciences Branch Library since 2005.

Holdings of the EDZ

The EDZ collects official publications provided by the European Union (Official Journal of the European Union, documents of the commission, reports, jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and others). In addition to printed documents, a constantly increasing number of electronic documents can be accessed. At this time, the EDZ has 87 journals.

Besides the collection of primary sources, about 3,000 monographs cover different areas of European integration. In addition, around 2,000 monographic volumes on European matters are available for checkout from the Social Sciences Branch Library, as well as numerous journals on political science and sociology.

In 2013, the University of Münster terminated the funding of the European Documentation Centre. For this reason, an extension of the monographic collection is no longer possible.

Using the EDZ

The collection of the EDZ Münster is listed in KatalogPlus. There is no individual catalogue.

  • Unfortunately, the EDZ’s printed documents are currently not publicly accessible! If you would like to view a specific item, please send an email containing the title and shelfmark to
    This procedure is due to the consequences of unforeseen stacks shutdowns in the Social Sciences Branch Library. In order to restore accessibility to the Social Sciences Branch Library's most frequently used books in regular operation, large-scale relocations were necessary. Due to the space problems associated with this move, the EDZ collection had to be outhoused. Since its return depends on future construction work, we are unable to provide any reliable information at the moment as to how long this situation will last.
  • Documents on microfiche are kept in the Newspaper Archive of the University and State Library and can also be printed there.
  • Online documents of the EU are accessible on workstations in the information area of the Social Sciences Branch Library.


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