Personal papers and collections

The time is yours.
What happens with it depends on you.
Carl von Clausewitz

Scope of collections

The University and State Library of Münster has over 160 personal papers and collections on particular personalities or topics, which also include a collection of autographs with more than 1,200 single documents.
The collection’s range – information on its history and content


We are pursuing a complete cataloguing of all personal papers and collections. However, due to the large number of documents but little human resources it cannot be realized rapidly. An overview will provide information on the current situation of cataloguing.
List of personal papers and collections – sorted by state of cataloguing

Network of relations

The numerous interconnections among the different personal papers and collections – referring to the holdings of the ULB – are made visible in a graphic.
Network of relations – for a detailed view, please click on a node or click on the red arrow on the right to start a search.

More information: Visible network of relations