Münster 18th century


As a state library, the ULB Münster indexes and preserves literature concerning Westphalia or being published there. The library supports research, work and education in that region. By law, the ULB is responsible for the regional literature and therefore contributes to making the written records of Westphalia and thus the cultural heritage available.

Collection of regional literature

The literature concerning Westphalia documents the region’s development in history and present age. It reflects the living conditions in all areas of society whether its law and administration, economy and social affairs or culture and religion. Moreover, it teaches about geography, the environment and nature of Westphalia, its landscapes, historical territories and natural environment.
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Collection of historical Westphalian literature

As a state library, the University and State Library of Münster is also responsible for historical Westphalian literature and documents. The ULB Münster not only preserves and expands its own collections of early printings, manuscripts, autographs and personal papers, but beyond that, provides support and consulting for the indexing and preservation of historical collections and libraries in Westphalia.
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