Application: Library Card for students, ...

  • students of Münster University who have not yet received their student ID card (regular students, cross-registered students, guest auditors, older learners); PhD students and scholarship holders at Münster University; visiting professors at Münster University; other persons who study or do research at Münster University; trainee lawyers and student teachers as well as medical and pharmacy students during their year of practical training (provided that they are resident in the administrative region of Münster or provided that the training institutions are located there)
  • Persons resident in Germany or in the Netherlands
  • Other

Application: Library Card for Academic Staff of Münster University

Application: Library card for projects and course reserves [de]

Declaration of consent from the legal guardians [de]

Minors only receive a library card of the ULB with the consent from the legal guardians.

Authority – borrowing of books and media [de]

Persons authorized to use another person's library card must present a written authority.

Authority – collection of an ULB library card [de]

Persons authorised to collect another person's library card must present a written authority.

Search request [de]

  • If a book is marked as borrowable ("ausleihbar") in the catalogue, but is not on the shelf at the location over a period of at least 3 days, you can initiate a search request. You can also use this form when you have received a stack order back for the second time without result.
  • This form can be filled in electronically. Please save the completed form and send it as an email attachment to

Form for international interlibrary loan [de]

Please enter the details of the required document and the declaration of cost coverage. (The entered data is automatically transferred to all following pages.) Then print the document and sign it in the appropriate fields on the pages 2 to 5. Please do not enter any handwritten comments or additions in the form! Please hand in the four pages (2 to 5) at the information desk of the ULB Münster together with the pink interlibrary loan ticket of the national interlibrary loan (does not apply when ordering academic theses from Austria and France).

Loss and damage report for books/media [de]

Please print this form and return it to the University and State Library. This form must be fully completed and signed by you. Chose one of the following delivery methods:

  • Personal delivery of the form at the loan desk of the library where you borrowed the book
  • By post or fax to the loan desk of the library where you borrowed the book

Transmission by email is not possible.

Confirmation of loss events for interlibrary loans [de]

In order to place an interlibrary loan for a book or a journal issue that is – contrary to the information provided in the DigiBib – no longer available in the institute (exclusive possession), please hand in the loss statement of the institute at the information desk of the Central Library. The corresponding form must be fully completed. The interlibrary loan will then be carried out for you on the basis of the usual conditions.

Fact sheets: Using the ULB

Using the Library (pdf)Using the Library
Library Card, Holdings Locations, Borrowing Conditions


Found quickly – Floor Plans (pdf)Found quickly – Floor Plans
ULB floor plans will help you find out what is where.


Audio tour (pdf)Audio tour
Exploring the University Library


ulb2go (pdf)ulbtogo [de]
A short instruction on how to use the University and State Library of Münster with a link overview of the ULB offers


Barrier-free access to the ULB (accessible PDF)Barrier-free access to the ULB (accessible PDF) [de]


Search tools in the ULB (pdf)Search tools in the ULB [de]
We present search tools for the literature search to you.


Training and support (pdf)Training and support [de]
Initial orientation, searching & finding, writing of theses, personal advice


Idea – Research – Doctorate (pdf)Idea – Research – Doctorate [de]
ULB offers for doctoral students


Knowledge for scientists (pdf)Knowledge for scientists [de]
Offers of the ULB for teaching, research and publication especially for scientists of the University of Münster


Courier service (pdf)Courier service [de]
Deliveries for university institutes outside the city centre


Electronic course reserves (pdf)Electronic course reserves [de]
Upon request, the ULB digitizes relevant literature for your course and publishes it in your Learnweb course.


Literature for the research paper (pdf)Literature for the research paper [de]
Here you will find help for literature search for your research paper in the library system of the University of Münster.


Literature for the term paper (pdf)Literature for the term paper [de]
How can you systematically search, procure and manage literature for your term paper? Here you will find an overview with many further references to the ULB website.


Interlibrary loan and document delivery (pdf)Interlibrary loan and document delivery [de]
Ordering books and articles from other libraries


Journals and newspapers (pdf)Journals and newspapers [de]
Locations, search options, access to e-journals


The manuscript reading room (pdf)The manuscript reading room
In the manuscript reading room, the valuable collections that should be well protected are made available for use.


DigiLab (pdf)DigiLab [de]
Scanning, graphics, DTP: scan workplaces at the ULB


Lockers in the reading room (pdf)Lockers in the reading room [de]
Guidelines for the use of lockers in the reading room
Accepted credentials for students of law [de]