Moreover – English App For Advanced Learners

As a start-up of the University of Münster, the development team of Moreover (formerly Eloquence) is pleased to provide the lite version to all members of Münster University and Münster University Hospital (UKM) for free.

Moreover is an English learning app for advanced learners designed specifically for students to expand their productive vocabulary. With Moreover, students acquire differentiated vocabulary that is particularly useful for writing academic texts and giving presentations in English.

The app Moreover is available to download now on the Google Play Store and App Store.

IMPORTANT: In order to use the free lite version of Moreover, users must first register within the app with their Münster University or UKM email address. Although the email should arrive immediately, in some cases this may take up to 48 hours after creating a new account. After verifying the email address, users can log in within the app and use the lite version of Moreover.
With the lite version, members of Münster University or UKM are granted free access to the app's content on a larger scale. The email addresses are used exclusively for the purpose of registration/verification and are not passed on or used in any other way.

Data protection information

For displaying ads, the app uses "Google Mobile Ads" technology with "non-personalized ads". For more detailed information on "non-personalized ads", please refer to the following link:
Personalized and non-personalized ads

Apart from the above-mentioned data, no personal data is collected for advertising purposes, but solely to ensure the functionality of the app.