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In the ULB Central Library you can use work spaces to study and work.

  • Reading rooms
    The individual work spaces in the reading rooms are for quiet study and work. (However, the seats in the manuscript reading room are only for the use of valuable holdings under supervision). You are welcome to bring your laptop and use the Wi-Fi.
    Please be considerate of the other users and behave quietly. Drinking from leak-proof and reclosable bottles and mugs is permitted; eating however is only permitted in the cafeteria.
  • Group workspace
    The seats in the group workspace on the first floor enable work in groups, which generally have priority over individuals when it comes to occupying seats.
  • PC workstations
    Several PC workstations are available on the ground floor for catalogue research and internet use.

You can find more work spaces in decentralised libraries in the university's list of learning spaces.

Seat reservation

In certain areas you can reserve work spaces if you have a valid ULB library card.
If you want to use a free seat in these areas without a reservation of your own, please bear in mind that the seat may be reserved by another person. You can check this by scanning the QR code under the seat number ("Seat available?"). The person who reserved it has priority (within the first hour of the booked time slot).
Not reservable and therefore generally free to use are, for example, the seats in the ground floor reading room.