Areas in the ULB Central Library

Reservable are the seats 300–767 in the main and Westfalica reading room as well as the cabins in the group workspace.
Not reservable are the seats in the ground floor reading room, the seats 001–273 in the main reading room as well as the carrels and desks in the group workspace.

bigger: Seat plan of the main reading room – numbers above 300 to the right of the stairs (clockwise), from 200 straight ahead, everything below to the left of the stairs
Seat plan of the main reading room
bigger: Seat plan of the Westfalica reading room
Seat plan of the Westfalica reading room (seat numbers starting at 600 on the first floor, seat numbers starting at 700 on the ground floor)

Seat Reservation Service

You can book seats up to 3 days in advance via the Seat Reservation Service. There are no restrictions on the number of bookable time slots. The cabins in the group workspace can be reserved as well, with one person reserving for the whole group.
In case you cannot use a reservation you can easily cancel it. Unused reservations expire one hour after the start of the booked time slot.


To use the Seat Reservation Service, you need a valid ULB library card and a valid university ID or login ID.
Please note: For the Seat Reservation Service, a newly activated card can only be used the day after activation, since the data transfer from the loan system to the Seat Reservation Service only occurs once a day.


Seat Reservation Service

If you are not yet logged in to the Single Sign On area of Münster University, you will be prompted to do so; enter your university ID or login ID and the corresponding password in the two input fields.
You will then be taken to the Seat Reservation Service, where you will be asked for your ULB user number before you can make reservations.