Copiers are located in the copy room (1st floor), in the textbook collection (ground floor) and in the stacks (1st + 2nd basement). Copies can be paid for via the student ID card or via the MensaCard of the Studierendenwerk. A device for topping up the cards is located in the ULB foyer next to the entrance to the textbook collection.
Coin copiers are available in the copy room and in the stacks.

Format Colour Euro
DIN A4 black and white 0,04
DIN A4 colour 0,05
DIN A3 black and white 0,08
DIN A3 colour 0,10

The copiers installed in the ULB are operated by a company. Unfortunately, the ULB has therefore only limited influence on the quality and functionality of the devices. If you have any problems, please contact the staff of the ULB or the WWU IT.



E-scans are available in the research room (ground floor), the copy room (1st floor) and the DigiLab. With these devices, you can photograph your template up to DIN A3 with a permanently installed camera. A method that is particularly material-friendly. The digitized documents are saved as PDF or JPG files. Please use a USB stick to store the data. An almost self-explanatory user guide with touch screen supports the easy and fast operation of the device.


Members of the university (with a WWU user ID) can use the free Scan2Mail service at the copying machines in the ULB, i. e. they can use the copiers as scanners and send their scans. You will find instructions for scanning [de] near the devices.

The default scanning performance is comparable to the printing performance, which means that you can scan about 25 documents per minute via the document feeder. The maximum size of an email may not exceed approximately 15 MB (this corresponds to about 120 pages of text at 200 dpi in PDF format).

You can retrieve your scanned documents with your user ID via the IT Portal. After signing in, go to the "Scan" section and retrieve your documents. The scans will be saved for one week.
Alternatively, you can set up an automatic forwarding of the files to your email address.


You can also use the free Scan2Stick service on the copiers in the ULB, i. e. you can use the copiers as scanners and save the scans on a USB stick or SD card.

Scanners and reader printer

The ULB provides various high-quality scanners in the DigiLab with which documents up to size DIN A2 can be scanned. Scans can be created in different formats and stored on a USB stick or burned to CD/DVD.
Scanners and a reader printer for the re-enlargement of micro-materials are also available in the ULB's DigiLab. You can scan microfiches and microfilms yourself free of charge.
Information on DigiLab [de]

Saving or e-mail dispatch

USB stick

You can save search results, websites and other files directly to a USB stick or send them by email. For detailed instructions [de], please refer to the information desk. The staff there will be happy to assist you personally in saving the data.

Personal drive

At the Windows PCs of the ULB, students of Münster University can store material on drive U. The drive U is available to every student as a personal storage space on the university network.


You can print PDF files (and jpeg/jpg or tiff/tif files; you can convert Word files into pdf format with the help of the saving instructions [de]) directly from a USB stick that you connected to a copier or retrieve sent print jobs (members of the University of Münster only). You can pay with the student ID card, MensaCard or coins (see „Copying“); employees can use their copier PIN.

A detailed manual [de] is placed next to the copiers.