Digital Humanities

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As a competence and service centre for digital methods and resources, the eScience Center of Münster University offers a supporting service portfolio for Digital Humanities. Information on this can also be found on the CDH website.

Consulting and support

The Service Center for Digital Humanities as part of the eScience Center offers the following services:

  • Support on research projects and project proposals,
  • Consulting on the selection of proper tools, methods, standards, and data formats for specific projects,
  • Consulting on setting up virtual research environments,
  • Indexing, hosting and archiving of data,
  • Support on networking between different projects and research groups.

For inquiries, please contact:

Exemplary infrastructures

CLARIN-D for language and speech resources for Humanities and Social Sciences

CLARIN-D services can be used by students and other members of the University of Münster directly through their WWU user ID. The infrastructure contains language databases, speech technology tools and web based language processing services (e.g. WebAnno). It is especially useful for speech and literature researchers, but also in other areas of textual scholarship.

DARIAH-DE for the Arts and Humanities

DARIAH-DE supports the humanities and cultural sciences working with digital resources and methods in research and teaching. The services of the research infrastructure cover editing and visualizing of research data as well as consulting.