Dycksche Handschrift


With 100 medieval and about 650 modern manuscripts, as well as more than 500 manuscript fragments, the manuscript collection of the University and State Library of Münster is quite modest in comparison with South German libraries. It is focused on Westphalia and the Netherlands. The originally more extensive collection of around 1,500 manuscripts dating from the pre-war period was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War.

The medieval manuscripts are recorded under the call number Cod. An overview [de] provides not only the old call numbers but also links to descriptions and existing digital copies.

Some of the most important medieval manuscripts owned by the University and State Library of Münster are:
Cod 1 – Codex Henrici [de]
Cod 3 – Niesen-Missale [de]
Cod 12 – Hoya-Missale [de]
Cod 13 – Liber officii capituli [de]
Cod 26 – Genesis cum glossa ordinaria [de]
Cod 28 – Evangeliar from northern France [de]
Cod 30/46 – Jacob von Soest, Distinctiones [de]
Cod 58 – Rudolf von Ems, Willehalm von Orlens [de]
Cod 59 – Dycksche Handschrift [de]
Cod 62 – Lamberti-Missale [de]
Cod 66 – Processionale Monasteriense [de]
Cod 72 – Dat myrren bundeken [de]
Cod 73 – Johannes Gerson, manuscript with 4 tracts [de]
Cod 85 – Book of hours from Flanders [de]
Nk – Manuscript collection of the castle in Nordkirchen [de]

Microfilm collection

A comprehensive microfilm collection of excerpts from medieval manuscripts has emerged from the research project "Mittelalterliche Memorialüberlieferung" (Medieval Memorialization) of the Institute for Early Medieval Studies. The originals are kept in libraries all over Europe, most of them in the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris and the British Library in London.
This collection is listed by library location in an overview [de].
If you are interested in the microfilm collection, please contact the manuscript reading room.


All manuscripts are only available for use in the manuscript reading room. A library card, or a valid identity card or passport must be presented. We kindly ask you to announce your visit several days in advance, if possible.
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Tel.: +49 (0)251 83-24072 or 24070.

The collection’s history

The collection of medieval manuscripts is more significant than its small size of 100 items would suggest. By including it in their programme for cataloguing medieval manuscripts in 1990, the German Research Foundation (DFG) has recognized its importance.
The collection’s history

Digital book manuscripts

A selection of digitized book manuscripts (owned by either the ULB or others) can be found in the portal Kulturgut digital (Digital cultural heritage).

The collection of medieval manuscripts is under development.

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