ULB reading room


You cannot borrow these media, but can only use them in the reading room area.

  • Reference works, bibliographies, manuals, source collections, text editions, legislative compilations and other basic literature.
    The classification system [de] is available in print in the reading room and online, including a display of the works on each subject. The holdings on BIO are located in the group room. The literature on medicine and social sciences can be found mainly in the respective branch library.
  • Current journals (unbound issues of approx. 1,750 current periodicals) can be found in the journal boxes near the counter.
  • Local and some national daily and weekly newspapers are available in the cafeteria. Older editions can be found in the newspaper archive. The more recent editions of the FAZ and several other newspapers are available on the university network [de]
  • Course catalogues (printed, also older versions) of the University of Münster, of German and some foreign universities. Most of the course catalogues [de] are available online.
  • Course reserves: List of the current course reserves [de] at the ULB, Social Sciences Branch Library, as well as at the Institute Libraries.



  • Counter
    At the reading room counter, you will receive books and other media that you have ordered to be read in the reading room, interlibrary loan books that need to be made accessible in the reading room, as well as books and other media that are particularly worth protecting. This includes, among other things, all titles published between 1830 and 1900. Titles published before 1830 can be used in the manuscript reading room.
  • Information
    In person at the reading room counter
    By e-mail (lesesaal.ulb@uni-muenster.de) or
    By phone: +49 (0)251 83-24039.
    The counter is staffed during almost the entire opening hours (up to 30 minutes before the library closes).