Kennen Sie schon … die Arabian Nights Bibliography?

Der Islamwis­senschaftler Ulrich Mar­zolph hat eine Bib­li­ografie zum europäis­chen Schrift­tum zur Geschicht­en­samm­lung „1001 Nacht“ – im Englis­chen bekan­nt als „The Ara­bi­an Nights“ – erstellt.
Die Daten­bank wird laufend ergänzt.

Most items quot­ed treat par­tic­u­lar aspects of the Nights, with the excep­tion of items dis­cussing the schol­ars to whose endeav­ours we owe the most impor­tant Euro­pean trans­la­tions. Numer­ous pub­li­ca­tions bear­ing a sec­ondary rel­e­vance for the study of the Nights have not been includ­ed. Also, trans­la­tions of the Nights in inter­na­tion­al lan­guages are not list­ed, while a num­ber of them con­tain impor­tant essays on the his­to­ry and char­ac­ter of the Nights. The com­pil­er appre­ci­ates com­ments and cri­tique as well as sug­ges­tions for items to be added.

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