Kennen Sie schon … The Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs?

Cover des Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs (

This unique and author­i­ta­tive dic­tio­nary cov­ers the most wide­ly used proverbs in Eng­lish, using the lat­est research from Oxford Dic­tio­nar­ies to source them. This edi­tion adds many say­ings that have gained cur­ren­cy in recent years, such as ‘bet­ter out than in’ and ‘if you can’t be good, be lucky’. Expla­na­tions have been added or expand­ed for hun­dreds of proverbs, and exam­ples of usage updat­ed. Dic­tio­nary of Proverbs is ide­al for brows­ing.

Das Wörter­buch ist im Uni-Netz ver­füg­bar.

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