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„The sto­ry of the mas­ter thief, from Nor­we­gian folk­lore, which will have you won­der­ing what the dif­fer­ence is between a mas­ter thief and some­one who exploits the lazi­ness and igno­rance of strangers in incred­i­bly basic ways for their own gain. Also, being a good par­ent appar­ent­ly means aban­don­ing your kid in the for­est?
The crea­ture this week is the skolopen­dra, and it…might just be real.“

Sie kön­nen die Sendung, die am 11.2.2020 veröf­fentlicht wurde, über die Seite der Pod­cas­trei­he nach­hören oder als Audio­datei herun­ter­laden.

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