Kennen Sie schon … den „Atlas of Pidgin and Creole language structures“?

Header des APiCS,

„The Atlas of Pid­gin and Cre­ole Lan­guage Struc­tures (APiCS) pro­vides expert-based infor­ma­tion on 130 gram­mat­i­cal and lex­i­cal fea­tures of 76 pid­gin and cre­ole lan­guages from around the world.
The orig­i­nal 2013 ver­sion was pub­lished as a set of four books by Oxford Uni­ver­si­ty Press, con­tain­ing the Atlas vol­ume prop­er as well as three Sur­vey vol­umes.
The online ver­sion con­tains all the mate­ri­als from the print­ed ver­sion, plus a large num­ber of exam­ples and fea­ture val­ue com­ments. In addi­tion, it was specif­i­cal­ly designed to allow com­par­i­son with data from WALS (the World Atlas of Lan­guage Struc­tures).“

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