BBC Radio 4 „In Our Time“ zu Henrik Ibsen

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„Melvyn Bragg and guests dis­cuss the great Nor­we­gian play­wright and poet, best known for his mid­dle class tragedies such as The Wild Duck, Hed­da Gabler, A Doll’s House and An Ene­my of the Peo­ple. These are set in a world where the mid­dle class is dom­i­nant and explore the qual­i­ties of that life, its weak­ness­es and bound­aries and the ways in which it takes away free­doms. It is the women who fare the worst in this soci­ety, some­thing Ibsen explored in A Doll’s House among oth­ers, a play that cre­at­ed a sen­sa­tion with audi­ences shocked to watch a woman break free of her bour­geois fam­i­ly life to find her des­tiny. He explored dark secrets such as incest and, in Ghosts, hered­i­tary syphilis, which attract­ed the cen­sors. He gave actress­es parts they had rarely had before, and audi­ences plays that, after Shake­speare, became the most per­formed in the world.“ (BBC)
Sie kön­nen die Sendung, die 2018 in der Rei­he „In Our Time“ lief, über die Seite der BBC nach­hören oder als Audio­datei herun­ter­laden.

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