Kennen Sie schon … „Seeing Speech“?

See­ing Speech“ ist ein Gemein­schaft­spro­jekt von sechs schot­tis­chen Uni­ver­sitäten:

Wel­come to our inter­ac­tive Inter­na­tion­al Pho­net­ic Asso­ci­a­tion (IPA) chart web­site!
Click­ing on the IPA sym­bols on our charts will allow you to lis­ten to their sounds and see vocal-organ move­ments imaged with ultra­soundMRI, or in ani­mat­ed form.

The web­site con­tains two main resources:
- An intro­duc­tion to UTI, MRI vocal tract imag­ing tech­niques and infor­ma­tion about the pro­duc­tion of the artic­u­la­to­ry ani­ma­tions.
- Click­able Inter­na­tion­al Pho­net­ic Asso­ci­a­tion charts links to UTI, MRI and ani­mat­ed speech artic­u­la­tor video.

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