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From pseu­do-rel­a­tives to causative con­struc­tions Scan­di­na­vian lan­guages as a case studyBuchcover
This vol­ume pro­pos­es a nov­el struc­tur­al analy­sis for causative con­struc­tions, offer­ing a solu­tion for the long-stand­ing mono/bi-clausal dual­ism. Causatives are claimed to instan­ti­ate a ‘com­plex object’ con­struc­tion, inso­far as the causee is not only the sub­ject of the lex­i­cal verb, but also a par­tic­i­pant that is relat­ed to the whole event. Fur­ther­more, the analy­sis reveals that the real­iza­tion of causatives implies a cru­cial inter­play with the pseu­do-rel­a­tive con­struc­tion, a much-debat­ed struc­ture as well. Data from Scan­di­na­vian lan­guages are high­light­ed, through the results of an exper­i­men­tal test on the scope of nega­tion and adverbs sup­port­ing the present analy­sis. The book offers a cross-lin­guis­tic per­spec­tive as it dis­cuss­es the rel­e­vant con­struc­tions in lan­guages includ­ing Ital­ian, Eng­lish, French, Por­tuguese and Span­ish.
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Nordic utopias and dystopias from Aniara to Allat­ta!
BuchcoverThe Nordic coun­tries have long been sub­ject to cer­tain ide­alised, even utopi­an imag­i­nar­ies, par­tic­u­lar­ly with regard to images of pris­tine nature and the soci­etal ideals of democ­ra­cy, equal­i­ty and edu­ca­tion. On the oth­er hand, such pro­jec­tions inevitably invite dis­sent, irony and inti­ma­tions of the utopia’s dark under­side. Things may yet take, or may have already tak­en, a dystopic course. The present vol­ume offers twelve con­tri­bu­tions on utopias and dystopias in Nordic lit­er­a­ture and cul­ture. Geo­graph­i­cal­ly, the arti­cles cov­er the Nordic coun­tries of Den­mark, Fin­land, Nor­way, and Swe­den, as well as the autonomous area of Green­land. Through the arti­cles’ var­ied sub­jects — rang­ing from avant-garde lit­er­a­ture and long poems to noir TV-series, young adult fic­tion, pop­u­lar his­to­ri­og­ra­phy, and polit­i­cal dis­course in lit­er­a­ture out­side of Nor­den — the vol­ume brings forth a his­tor­i­cal­ly rich, mul­ti-lay­ered pic­ture of social, cul­tur­al and envi­ron­men­tal imag­i­na­tion in the Nordic coun­tries. Nordic Utopias and Dystopias is thus of inter­est not only to spe­cial­ists in dystopi­an and utopi­an research but more broad­ly to schol­ars of lit­er­a­ture and cul­ture, and the polit­i­cal and social sci­ences, espe­cial­ly but not exclu­sive­ly in the Nordic con­text.
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