The Myths and Legends Podcast: Chinese Folklore, Egyptian Mythology, Arabian Nights

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Der Post­cast „Myths and Leg­ends“ befasst sich mit – wie der Name schon sagt 🙂 – Mythen und Leg­en­den:

This show brings you folk­lore that has shaped our world. Some are incred­i­bly pop­u­lar sto­ries you think you know, but with sur­pris­ing ori­gins. Oth­ers are sto­ries that might be new to you, but are def­i­nite­ly worth a lis­ten.
These are sto­ries of mag­ic, kings, Vikings, drag­ons, knights, princess­es, and wiz­ards from a time when the world beyond the map was a dan­ger­ous, won­der­ful, and ter­ri­fy­ing place.

Zu den Län­dern Afrikas, Asiens und Ozeaniens sind bis­lang die fol­gen­den Fol­gen erschienen:

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